Driver First Technology in Jacksonville FL

Driver First Technology in Jacksonville FL

Difficult has never stood in our way. We reject convention and take risks, working to place never-in-this-lifetime technologies in the hands of drivers.

Confidence with AcuraWatchTM

Driving assistance and safety features associated with AcuraWatchTM1 help drivers better navigate the road, to everyone's benefit. A generous list of driver assistance systems was thoughtfully engineered to back your instincts, so you can truly experience the drive. Comes standard on every new RLX and MDX. Available on all sedans and SUVs.

Visualisation Driving assistance
Phone with open AcuraLink app

AcuraLink® Convenience

We pay attention to how you really drive, and work to make it better. AcuraLink® simplifies life and helps you get the most out of your Acura. It monitors performance, sends service reminders with the option to schedule instantly, lets you lock or unlock the car from anywhere, and can give live assistance, 24/7.

Available on all models with the Tech package

Automated Driving Systems

Acura is heading into the world of automated driving as part of an effort to make roads safer, reduce gridlock and give drivers some personal time back. The self-piloting RLX test car is bringing us closer to our goal of releasing highly automated driving technology around 2020.

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The Extraordinary Hush Of Electric

Still in prototype stages, NSX went home with our lead engineers to focus on the real needs of everyday drivers. They found that Electric Mode not only gives supremely-efficient power, but the unpretentious quiet keeps your neighbors happy. In fact, there's a dedicated audio engineer to fine-tune engine sounds for all driving modes.

Built on Inspiration

Precision comes from human touch and advanced technology. With a driver first approach to every advancement we build into our vehicles, we can all stay focused on the road ahead.

Front panel Acura car
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Technology to Create

It begins before the driver steps foot inside. At the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC), our engineers design their workstations and program their own assembly bots. This means we build efficiently, precisely and with a good dose of common sense.

Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC)

We do things our way. This applies as much to reinventing a manufacturing process as it does to building cars2. The PMC's world class, open-plan space in Marysville, Ohio lets engineers at any stage see every other stage of the production. This way, everyone feels connected to the car and to each other.

Performance Manufacturing Center