Acura Environmental Leadership Program

At Acura the preservation of our environment is not a luxury but an integral part of the advanced values of the Acura brand. Accordingly, Acura is extending its commitment to the environment with the creation of the Acura Environmental Leadership Program, an initiative that invites Acura dealers throughout the U.S. to voluntarily reduce the environmental impact of their dealerships.

The program is based on a comprehensive set of environmental best practices designed by Acura specifically for auto dealerships.

There are three levels of the Acura Environmental Leadership Award:

  • Silver-level dealers must achieve a 10% reduction in total energy use and meet a threshold of 30 points.
  • Gold-level dealers must achieve a 30% reduction in total energy use and meet a threshold of 45 points.
  • The top-level Platinum dealers must achieve a 50% reduction in total energy use and meet a threshold of 60 points.
  • Dealerships who earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the U.S. Green Building
  • Council or become Electric Grid Neutral* automatically qualify for the Platinum Award.

To locate an awarded Acura dealership, download a 93 page Green Dealer Guide, and learn more about the Program, visit

*Electric Grid Neutral means that the dealer produces as much as or more energy from renewable energy sources than it consumes from its local electric utility over a one-year period.

Conservation. Commitment. Care.

Acura stands firmly committed to the efficient use of resources, materials and energy to help preserve Mother Nature for generations to come. Efficient cars and responsible car-making demonstrate a determination to fulfill our environmental responsibility. Trim aerodynamic design, increased fuel efficiency, and lower emissions are goals in the design of every Acura vehicle to help protect our air, water, and soil. And landmark green initiatives have established our manufacturing operations as leaders in the efficient use of natural resources with minimal impact to the environment. Extensive pollution control measures create an advanced environmentally responsible factory at the plant in Lincoln, Alabama, keeping it in harmony with the natural surroundings. Aggressive research and development enhances our efforts to become a leader in environmentally sound automobile manufacturing. Recognizing the impact it has on the environment, Acura constantly strives to build better automobiles, and a better environment.

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